The Obligatory First Post

Hello everyone!  Thanks for checking out my blog.  My hope is that this blog is a way to share my experiences with homebrewing, get others interested in this fine hobby and to learn from all of you that have been doing this far longer then I have. I also plan on using this blog to document my brew days, share recipe experiments as well as get advice on brews I’m creating. I’m sure some of these experiments will be successful and others will be full of fail…but that’s what makes homebrewing fun right?My IPA

Of course I will also be posting and sharing homebrew hacking techniques.  What do I mean by “hacking“?  In my day job I get to be a hacker (finding ways to break into computer systems and/or make a technology do something it wasn’t designed to do or alter the way something works..legally of course) so I’d like to apply that same concept to homebrewing.  That’s where I got the idea for the name “Homebrew Hacking”. I’m very interested in doing experiments with my homebrew such as adding odd ingredients, stepping up a recipe for increased ABV, making a light beer that doesn’t taste like water, hacking equipment, homebrew gardening and brewing technology (these are just a few projects I’d like to work on, there are more). Also, this blog is not limited to beer.  I like to experiment with wine, mead and cider as well.  If it will ferment, I’d like to hack it. 🙂

Lastly, I have a several people who I’d like to thank for getting me into homebrewing and many more that I have huge respect for in the homebrewing community here in Cleveland Ohio and all over the world. Hopefully I’ll get to “pay it forward” and also share some of their stories with all of you. If you’re interested in sharing your homebrew experiences or have a great hack to talk about hit me up on Twitter, Facebook, Email (tom[at] or comment on the blogs. I’d love to have all of you share your experiences and thoughts on this blog as well.

Happy Homebrewing and Cheers!


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