My National Homebrew Competition Results

The results are in! The two beers I entered scored the following:

  • “Austin Powers” British IPA – 34 (Very Good) and went on to the mini-best of show
  • Blackberry Wheat – 27.5 (Good)

I honestly wasn’t expecting much as this was my first Homebrew competition but for my first two all grain brews I think this is pretty decent. I received some good comments from the judges and after I tasted my beers I think they were dead on in regards to what the judges said. Specifically the British IPA should have been more malty. I also noticed this and I’m going to blame it on the mash temp or that I  may need to add more base malt. Either way I’m going to play with the recipe and see where I can improve. I’ll post the recipe for the IPA to see if any of you have some improvements.  As for the Blackberrry Wheat, I wasn’t surprised at all. The judges said it was a bit too tart, a little watery. This was the “small batch” beer that I made in a previous post. Not sure I would do a BIAB (Brew In A Bag) again as I know I had pretty bad efficiency on my electric stove.  All in all not a bad first attempt for a Homebrew competition! On to next year and to better brews!


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