British IPA Bottling Day

Today I was finally able to bottle my British IPA. I’ve been dry hopping this brew with East Kent Goldings for about 3 weeks. Unfortunately I don’t have a free keg or I would have kegged most of it. I’ll be honest, it’s been awhile since I’ve bottled! Kegging my homebrew has saved me lots of time and frustration.  This beer though is going to be entered into the National Homebrew Competition in a few weeks so I had to bottle this batch anyway. Bottles are such a pain. 🙁

Clean up time after dry hopping!
Clean up time after dry hopping!

I was fortunate enough to get this beer in as one of two entries. The second entry is going to be a Blackberry Wheat which will be going into secondary on Tuesday with some Blackberries. The Blackberry Wheat was a small batch (1 gallon) BIAB (Brew In A Bag). I’ve got another blog I’ll be posting soon about small batch brewing and some of the challenges I had with making a one gallon batch using the BIAB method. It went OK but lots of lessons learned. This IPA recipe called for Maris Otter malt and tasting this brew before bottling had a great malty flavor…very British. I’m calling this beer “Austin Powers IPA” and it’s my first all grain recipe. It’s hard to believe that I did extract for as long as I did.  All-grain brewing isn’t bad at all.


Homebrew Hack: Use a Plastic Bottle to See if Your Beer is Carbonated
One handy tip that I read on Homebrew Forums when I first started homebrewing was to use a plastic bottle for one of your beers when you’re bottling. You can reuse a plastic soda bottle or get some 16oz PET bottles with a bag of plastic caps at your LHBS or online. Fill up one of these bottles then lightly squeeze the bottle while you twist the cap on. Once your beer starts to carbonate the bottle will expand and give you a good idea when the rest of your beer is carbonated.

Plastic bottle to test carbonation level
Plastic bottle (on right) to test carbonation level
British IPA ready for carbonation
British IPA ready for carbonation


In two weeks hopefully I have a carbonated British IPA! Yeah, Baby…

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